Janet Laurence Kathy High  /
Nigel  Helyer (Dr Sonique) /
Marnia Johnston / Deanna Pindell /
Craig CampbellKarin Bolender /
Maria Fernanda CardosoPatricia Adams /
Jason Christopher Louise Fowler-Smith /
Hayden Fowler /
Andre Brodyk  / Yvette Watt /
Elaine GanTarsh Bates /
Erna LiljeBeatriz da Costa /
Curated by
Madeleine Boyd / Eben Kirksey
(click on each name to go to artist’s page)

Thanks to everyone who came to Intra-action Art exhibition: we had a wonderful response and opportunities for many multispecies intra-actions. Look out for the special issue of Antennae dedicated to the themes of this exhibition.

News and views from the artists involved in this exhibition will continue to be posted by curator Madeleine Boyd.


An exhibition of artists from Australia and the USA engaging multispecies entanglements and conceptual diffraction within new materialism. Presented as part of the Australian Animal Studies Group Conference at the University of Sydney, July 8-10,  2013

For more information email Madeleine Boyd mboy6779@uni.sydney.edu.au

Presented with support from



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